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RiskGONE, Gov4Nano & NANORIGO actively involved in International Particle Toxicology Conference

RiskGONE together with NANORIGO and Gov4Nano participated in the 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference, which took place on 11-13 September in Salzburg, Austria, bringing together 135 stakeholders from across the world.

Focusing on the challenges of translating knowledge from particle safety research into regulation and legislation, the conference was of particular interest to the three EU H2020 projects working together to effectively improve risk governance of nanomaterials.

During the conference’s poster session both the close collaboration of RiskGONE with Gov4Nano and NANORIGO as well as specific details of the RiskGONE project were presented.

The International Particle Toxicology Conference also gave place to the 1st International Young Scientist Forum. The event allowed young scientists working in all fields in the broader area of particle and fibre toxicology to come together, discuss state-of-the-art developments, broaden their scientific knowledge & advance their research. DECHEMA, partner of the RiskGONE consortium, was involved in the organisation and part of the scientific committee.

A general trend transpiring from the discussions was that interesting research in the field of expositions of humans to particles are being conducted in real-life settings such as airports, trains and harbours. In addition, it was found that research on security of engineered particles is slightly decreasing – a development which attests to the importance of improved risk governance of nanomaterials and therefore the relevance of the main objective of the three NMBP-13 projects RiskGONE, Gov4Nano and NANORIGO.
The next edition of the conference is foreseen to take place at the University of New Mexico in 2022.

About the Project

RiskGONE is an EU H2020 project aiming at providing solid procedures for science-based risk governance of nanomaterials, based on a clear understanding of risks and risk management practices.