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Riskgone Newsletter #1

Risk Governance of Nanotechnology - NMBP-13 Common leaflet of projects RiskGONE, Nanorigo and Gov4Nano

RiskGONE flyer

RiskGone project Deliverables

Work Package 3

Deliverable 3.2. Draft guidelines regarding the quantification of lifecycle environmental and human health risk indicators

Deliverable 3.3.: Draft guidelines regarding the quantification of macro-economic benefits

Deliverable 3.4.: Draft guidelines regarding the correct implementation of risk transfer in insurance models.

Deliverable 3.5.: Draft guidelines on the societal acceptance of nanomaterials considering risk and benefit perception

Deliverable 3.6.: Draft guidelines on Identification of regulatory and ethical risk thresholds


Work Package 4 

Deliverable 4.2.: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on hydrodynamic diameter and size distribution determination

Deliverable 4.3.: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on the dispersibility of ENMs

Deliverable 4.4: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on the determination of ENMs endotoxins content

Deliverable 4.5: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on zeta potential determination

Deliverable 4.6: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on nanoparticle counting

Deliverable 4.7: Consolidated pre-validated guidance document on effective density


Work Package 5

Deliverable 5.1: Report on the final harmonised SOPs used to propose amendments to the existing OECD TGs

Deliverable 5.5.: Report on the expert meeting AOP draft review


Work Package 6

Deliverable 6.4_v1: Report on (feedback on) initial DEB-based AOP for chronic ecotoxicity to ENMs (based on workshop)


Work Package 7

Deliverable 7.2.: Project website, house style, and social media profiles finalized

Deliverable 7.3.: Risk Governance of Nanomaterials: Analysis of Operating Practices of Existing Bodies Full report available upon request.